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Huntington’s new sight and hearing impairment service to be rolled out across the City

by admin on 28 February, 2018

The Yorsensory Outreach Mobile Unit, a sight and hearing impairment service provided by the Wilberforce Trust, is due to hit the roads over the coming weeks and visit communities across York.

Over the last year, the Wilberforce Trust has been supported by the Huntington and New Earswick Councillors Ward Committee funds for the provision of high quality support, training and care services to residents with sight loss.

Cllr Chris Cullwick, Huntington and New Earswick Ward Councillor, attended the launch of the new Yorsensory Outreach Mobile Unit, at which cut the Lord Mayor cut the ribbon.

Cllr Chris Cullwick, Liberal Democrat Ward Councillor for Huntington and New Earswick, said:

“Cllr Orrell, Cllr Runciman and I have supported the Wilberforce Trust in their work over the last year with some of our Ward Committee funds and I am delighted to see the Wilberforce Trust develop this crucial service beyond Huntington and into the wider City.”

“As Ward Councillors, we will continue to work with the Wilberforce Trust to support them where we can.”

Should anyone like to speak with the Wilberforce Trust about accessing their services, or if anyone would like to learn more about the Trust and their work in York, please contact 01904 760 037.

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